Bioshock - The Reason I Will Purchase a 360

With console prices rising to insane proportions, many of us have decided to hold off on purchasing a next-gen system until a game releases that is deemed worthy of the price. After getting behind the scenes at 2K, I was surprised at what I what I saw. Take-Two Interactive is currently working on their upcoming title Bioshock, the sequel to System Shock 2.

Even though we weren’t actually allowed to touch the game, the developers showed off the amazing gameplay. I’m not a huge fan of FPS titles, but adding in a puzzle aspect of having to figure out a way to kill your enemy without ammo is quite stunning. During the demo, the developers very rarely shot the character’s gun, which was a very unique approach to FPS gameplay. It was fun to see all the different ways traps or alarms could be triggered in ways that would help you defeat an enemy.

The most amazing thing to see with Bioshock is the graphics. The game is at the pre-alpha stage and the water effects are by far the best I have ever seen. Take-Two took a huge stand making Bioshock take place completely underwater, but it’s already obvious in its early stage that they can pull it off visually.

The game looks amazing, looks like it plays amazing, and has an interesting concept. I will absolutely buy an Xbox360 for this title, even if it’s the only one I will ever play.

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